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  • By identifying the needs and expectations of B2B2C through quantitative and qualitative research, we help our customers to stay profitable, up-to-date and innovative.


  • We conduct scientific quantitative and qualitative research with our knowledgeable and experienced experts. To  have accurate and actionable data we apply quality standards. We convey comprehensive and clear information.


  • We determine the business ideas, offers, target audience (demography, geography and lifestyle), size of the market, marketing and production tasks, potential buyers, effective communication strategies so that our customers match the right B2B2C market.


  • In addition to research, we do mega, macro and micro trend analysis. We ensure that these trends are included in business plans (production, product, distribution, supply, user, communication, price, etc.) and that our customers anticipate the future and take action. Thus, we ensure that our customers are up-to-date and pioneers in global, national and regional markets. (Nike, Unilever, Eczacibasi, North Star Ulker, Brown Forman, Pepsi, Bilgi University Design Atelier, 3M, Fiat, Man Ajans, TBWA, Lowe, Akbank, Coca-Cola, Dogadan Tea, Nokia, Koleksiyon Furniture)


  • We provide ‘marketing mix modeling’ to understand a) the source of growth, b) optimization of market share, media spending, distribution, shelf share, pricing, awareness c) building relations between brands and quantified volume gains with specific marketing activities (Is Bankasi, Brown Forman, Bee Goddess, SIF JCB).


  • We produce content and articles for brands and companies using research and trends  (Eczacibasi, Turkishtime, BF, Farm17s, Vodefone, Unilever),


  • We use methods such as focus group, 1 to 1 in-depth interviews, observation, semiology and ethnography in qualitative research.


  • We use both online and offline, real time face-to-face, telephone, diary, CATI, CAPI methods in quantitative research.


  • We are also experienced in Census, panel building, online or offline tracking research.

Nurhan Turan Keeler

I  have 25+ years of experience working for both private sector and international + national organizations in developing countries and OECD countries in the fields of

-B2B2C research, ethnography, semiotics, market assessment,

-SME capacity development, diagnostics, entrepreneurship, competitiveness,

-Syria and local economic recovery initiatives, resilience,

-Concept + content, product development, trend analysis, design,

-Investment planning, corporate and business plan, business model, 

-Evaluations, M&E, policy making, 

-Value chain, cluster models, 

-Self-actualization of youth and woman

-Business model and coaching for artists

-Executive business coaching 


•Trend Group’s team consists of 1 expert, 1 project coordinator, 2 project assistants, 1 field manager and 2 statisticians

In creative works, we collaborate with architects, graphic designers, painters, fashion designers, ceramic artists, photographers, digital and industrial designers.

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