Rather than the office, we are located at customers' spaces and research areas. We are working with or cooperating with wise, skillful, competent, determined experts

Nurhan Turan Keeler

I  have 25 years of experience working for both private sector and international + national organizations in developing countries and OECD countries in the fields of

-B2B+C research, ethnography, semiotics, market assessment,

-SME capacity development, diagnostics, entrepreneurship, competitiveness,

-Syria and local economic recovery initiatives, resilience,

-Concept + content development, trend analysis, design,

-Investment planning, corporate and business plan, business model, 

-Evaluations, M&E, policy making, 

-Value chain, cluster models, 

-Self-actualization of youth and woman

-Business model and coaching for artists

-Executive business coaching 


•Trend Group’s team consists of 1 specialist, 1 project coordinators, 2 project assistants, 1 field manager and 2 statisticians

In creative works, we collaborate with architects, graphic designers, painters, fashion designers, ceramic artists, photographers, digital and industrial designers.


Tesvikiye PO Box 115



PO Box 115 Tesvikiye

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