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a) For B2B and B2C companies we conduct surveys in an innovative and proactive way 

b) We explore the trends to implement into business models

c) We create content, concept and products to pursue our customers' current and future needs and help them to generate value for their customers

d) We clarify the future steps of the firms preparing the short - medium - long - term road map

B2B2C Research


We conduct qualitative, quantitative research having deep experience in all aspects of marketing including brand development, brand building, strategy development, project management, content creation, product launch and re-launch, intelligence, market modeling + simulations, capacity increase and need base segmentation.



Strong experience in both private sector and international + national organizations in developing countries and OECD countries in the fields of SME capacity development, concept development, trend analysis, policy, investment planning, evaluations; M&E, design, Syria and local economic recovery initiatives, corporate and business plan, business model, value chain, strategy canvas, EERC, cluster models.

Trend Analysis & Idea + Product Generation

We follow the trends both in Turkey and around the world employing scientific researches and with a multidisciplinary approach; we generate future scenarios. 


Using research findings and creative thinking, we generate ideas and products out of the depths of subliminal conception.

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