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İdefabrik: It is the domain of creative thinking and a spring into the future. İdefabrik calls to doing something new, to exist in a different way. 


It sets the trends both in Turkey and around the world employing scientific researches and with a multidisciplinary approach; it generates future scenarios. Using research findings and creative thinking, it generates ideas and products out of the depths of subliminal conception. 


It trains to enable the experiencing of plain and flexible thinking. 



It generates future scenarios based on comprehensive thinking and scientific research. Living into the future requires courage and a creative attitude. Leaping toward the unknown and shaping the chaos of the unknown is a creative process; this requires a sound foundation, comprehensive and flexible thinking, acting with multidisciplinary and scientific approaches and also courage. İdefil sets the trends both in Turkey and around the world conducting scientific researches and with a multidisciplinary approach. Clients can rely on trends that have been set in this manner and they can also adapt these in their business plans. Consultancy is also provided to help adapt İdefil to habitats and future plans. İdefil can be used by various companies such as FMCG, automotive, textile, durable goods, communications, advertising, construction, training, finance…  



İdeshake provides training to help experience plain and flexible thinking. During the training, participants design products that exhibit both an idea and a story. The methods used in these trainings help keep clear of conventional tenets. These trainings are suggested for children and company representatives. Children possess irrepressible intuitions and an ability to think creatively. They perceive events and resolutions differently and they also name them differently. İdestorm and İdeform are intuitional and creative platforms especially for those who wish to acquire children’s unique ability of finding solutions.


Employing creative thinking and using information, İdefabrik designers design ideas and products that tell the story of the companies and the brands. 

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