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B2B 2020 Marketing Trends

B2B 2020 marketing trends: B2B buyers make an average of 12 searches before contacting and making a purchase. For 55% of B2B buyers, the word of mouth is very important, which demonstrates the importance of customer satisfaction and after-sales service. Firms must measure their referral scores and exceed 80% of the index satisfaction score accepted worldwide. Sales representative is important for 25% of B2B buyers. We need to make sure that the sales representative is sincere and competent. 70% are watching videos on the way to purchase. It is useful to shoot and share videos of production, products and processes. As much as videos, digital content not exceeding 1000 words is as important. Attention to account-based marketing; Not every customer needs and expectations are the same, it is important to produce 1e1 marketing, non-generic custom content and services ... Source of statistical figures: Content Marketing Institute (CMI)

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